Enigma is

  • mysterious
  • uncertain
  • inexplicable
  • fascinating

Enigma: that which is difficult to interpret, that which remains a mystery, something uncertain or inexplicable, a riddle not yet solved.

The uncertain, the paradox, the unsolved.

It’s everywhere. From the grandest existential question, to the tiniest everyday query, enigma is the source of knowledge.

A man-made invention, a problem man places upon himself. An innate need for answers, which builds superstructures: physics, biology, computer science, chemistry, astronomy, arts, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, religion, politics.

Every answer creates a new question, and leads the way to a new explanation, more updated, more satisfactory, more complete. The enigma is in search of a solution to what troubles the human mind, and the enigma is everything that troubles the human mind, at the same time. It’s the way of facing the world without the possibility of being wrong. It’s a positive perspective of an uncertain reality. The admiration of the enormous progress of humanity.

An attempt of self-awareness.

We can climb the mount of knowledge, one enigma at a time.



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